Rob Katsuno

Or listen to Rob below tell a story about how his arguments with his Brazilian wife escalate out of control, also performed at Back Fence PDX.

Rob has been selected to perform at United Solo, America’s largest solo performance festival, in New York’s Theatre Row this October 23rd SUN 2PM
He will perform American Atlas, well received at Portland’s 2016 Fertile Ground Festival:

  • “Like a great movie that you don’t want to end.”
  • "Rob's the Japanese David Sedaris.  He's hilarious."

American Atlas tells the story of Rob's marriage to his Brazilian wife, when Asian, Latin, and American cultures collide. This heartfelt, laugh-out-loud journey of self-discovery explores the challenges of expressing truth and love


Watch Rob’s story about his plan to wear frontal enhancement underwear during his Brazilian in-laws’ visit.  He performed this story in front of 350 people as part of Back Fence PDX, a curated storytelling event.  (NSFW.)